Excellent Food anda Curated Wine Cellar

Excellent Food and a Curated Wine Cellar

Locally Sourced Food

Curated Wine

Food and Wine

Hardanger House focuses on providing local food experiences, paired with a variety of specially picked wines from around the world.


Locally Sourced Food

In our restaurant, you'll experience a culinary journey through Hardanger. The cuisine presents an authentic gourmet experience prepared from the region's best ingredients.

We also offer a course taking you through the the prepVi tilbyr også matkurs, der du kan få innblikk i tilberedning og presentasjon av lokal mat.

Wine and Drinks

A Curated Wine Cellar

Welcome to an experience full of equal parts taste and knowledge. Hardanger House has a rich selection of wines from internationally renowned producers.

Hardanger House worked directlySorrels Custom Wine Cellars og Temptech to design and build our custom wine celler with over 1200 wines.

We offer wine tasting courses, taught by none other than the hotel's owner: Conrad Hansen.

In addition, Hardanger House plans and hosts special presentations of selected wines from both wine producers, and prize winning sommeliers, as well as representatives from Gabriel-Glas in Austria.

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