Our History

Welcome to Hardanger House - the only design hotel in Norway surrounded by the beauty of Hardanger Fjord, Folgefonna National Park, and the majestic mountains of Western Norway.

More and more people are beginning to realize the unique experience of Jondal, something that is easy for us to understand. Even in a fjord full of hidden, and not so hidden gems, Jondal stands out. It’s not without good reason that this small village has managed to develop into a travel destination for many.  

Jondal is one of the six places in norway to be recognized as a part of the national park it neighbors, because of its focus on the environment and sustainable development - allowing us to be considered a part of Folgefonna National Park.  

The striking beauty of the nature, the safe surroundings, the calmness of life, and friendly residents make Jondal worth visiting on its own. When all of these things combine, you know you’ve found a special place. 

This has to be experienced, and at Hardanger House we want nothing more than to share this feeling with our guests.  

Even though the hotel is now totally new, our roots have been here for a long time. Conrad Hansen, creator of Hardanger House, grew up in Jondal. Together with his family, he has spent every holiday and many a weekend exploring the area over the last 50 years.

It’s here that our heart lies. With good beds, excellent food, and a curated wine cellar, we look forward to having you here.

Welcome Jondal and Hardanger House.

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